Portalbc NavBar Mitchell's Original Wool Fat Soap is made from the natural lanolin extracted from the fleece of sheep. The same lanolin that keeps the sheep dry on those dark stormy nights.
Wool Fat Soap is especially suitable for sensitive skins and has often been recommended by members of the medical profession to help alleviate certain skin complaints, the soap contains no strong synthetic scents or coloring agents and is gentle to the skin. We suggest you try Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap with its soothing lanolin if you have problems with other soaps on the market. Being so rich in lanolin, its gentle action is very soothing and regular use leaves the skin satin-smooth.

This fine soap is still made to the formula developed at the turn of the century in Bradford, the center of the English wool fleece industry. Exclusive to Mitchell's for nearly 50 years from a recipe formulated almost a century ago, This delicately perfumed soap has no strong synthetic scents to detract from its purity, and the simple wrapper with Mitchell's decorative coat-of-arms or country scene, also emphasizes that all the value has gone into the soap and not into the expensive marketing you see nowadays.
These items make fabulous birthday and special occasion gifts.. Barbara

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